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Dec 25, 2016

Merry Christmas you beautiful bastards. This week, Rick gets t-boned and Brad Pitt gets hit by two cars. Some Muppet Christmas Carol, Collateral Beauty's marketing campaign, the Dunkirk Prologue, and Ron goes to see Rogue One! *MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD*

Dec 18, 2016

The gang carries on the holiday spirit this week with Office Christmas Party, a new comedy starring Jason Bateman, T. J. Miller, Jennifer Anniston, Olivia Munn, and Kate McKinnon about a team of employees who throw a big bash in one last effort to save their company. And who would you cast as Santa Claus? Let us know...

Dec 11, 2016

Ron decks your halls with probably the best and most unlikely Christmas movie sequel. Bad Santa 2 stars Billy Bob Thornton as your favorite shitstick who suits up with Kathy Bates for one last Christmas heist. Hudson Hawke, more Kessel Run, and quite a bit concerning Tom Cruise await you! *MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD*

Dec 4, 2016

You've waited long enough. Now bask in the greatness of My Science Project Part II. Chris makes an overdue recommendation, Rick is sick, and Candy joins us on the show this week for the first time ever! Also, stick around for the buddy/comedy pitch. *MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD*

Nov 27, 2016

This week, Ron surprises us with our first retro episode! My Science Project is so epic and close to our hearts we had to break it up into two parts, so make sure and subscribe for when Part II comes out. Made in 1985, it tells the story of a couple grease monkeys who scramble at the last minute to find a science...